Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Another Ring GIveaway and a sale

Hi All,

I have been super busy since I posted 2 days ago!!

I finally finished a cuff that I've been working on for around 2 weeks while we were moving. I was super stumped for a name so asked my Lovely FaceBook friends for their input and was given the name "Emerald Empress" which I thought was an awesome name for it.

I was in a bit of an emotional turmoil at the time and couldn't figure out whether I was coming or going and this was the result. The sides of the cuff are ALMOST identical but opposite, and it's like looking in a warped mirror.

I also finished a hair barrette today, which was nice and easy for a change.

The Barrette is called "Deep Purple" and I am quite please with the end result of my "quick" project.

Now onto the giveaway…….

My car died on me the other day….literally, blew the engine, it was covered by warranty BUT my warranty company decided it was too expensive to replace the engine on the car and said they would give me another car to replace it…….NOW that's excellent……except……the dealership is a 2 hour drive away, I have no money, and I have no car to get there…..One of Hubby's friends has kindly offered us his car BUT we still need money to put petrol in his car to get there and money to put petrol in the new car to get home…….

SOOOO…….My offer is, Blog, tweet or Facebook about the 25% off sale I am having in my Etsy shop to (hopefully) raise funds to go and get my new car so hubby can actually get to work again, and go in the running to WIN this gorgeous (If I may say so myself) ring…..It's an adjustable sterling silver ring, bead embroidered with sterling silver  and matte blue seed beads around a Lyn Owen's dichroic glass cabochon which is super stunning in itself……

After you have ranted about my sale, come back to my blog, pop a link on the page to where you did it, and go in the draw which will be drawn this Saturday the 1st of September.

The Coupon Code for the sale is BLOGSALE and the discount amount is 25% off….and remember, the more you share and talk about this, the more likely I am to do another giveaway LOL!!!

Don't forget to check out my Etsy Shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/josjewels1

Thank you in advance for your help

Until next time

Happy Beading

Jo :D


  1. Ok due to being on an iPad and using the Facebook app, I can't post links, but I WILL tell you where I posted: on my personal profile, on the EBEG public page, and on my ABeadedWorld page :) we're friends, we're both part of EBEG and I'm pretty sure you've liked my beading page :) So hopefully you can find the links.

    I have one thing to say about the lovely ring above: OH MY GOODNESS IT'S BLUE!!!! :D :D :D :D you have such good tastein colour ;) good luck with the sale, I hope it produces enough to be able to go get your new car, and more besides so you can buy more beads and treat yourself :) You deserve it! :D

  2. Hi Jo!!
    I came to follow your blog!!It's lovely.I just find it!!
    Best wishes to you!!

  3. Right I'm in the same situation I can't post links but I'm telling everyone I know and am putting it on my personal fb page and my jewellery page

    The ring is stunning and I'm keeping my fingers crossed xx

  4. Hi All, The winner of the lovely ring is number 1….ABeadedWorld.
    Meg I already have your address so I'll forward it off to you on Monday.
    Thank you everyone for spreading the word and helping and stay tuned for more giveaways SOON!!!!! :)

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