Saturday, 21 January 2012

Hi All,

Busy week for me, Those of you who are my face book friends know that Friday this week I went into the local Art Gallery shop, Which has just opened, only to have the owner tell me that he loves my work and would like me to collaborate with him by making some bead embroidered items that he can attach to his clothes!!!! I'm so excited about this opportunity as it's another way for me to get my work out there!! :)

I made myself a phone case this week!! I'm quite proud of it, so I listed it on Etsy as a custom listing and have already sold one!!

I also sold my opal ring to Cindy Hulsey who is one of my facebook friends :)

So altogether I have had a REALLY good eventful week!!

I've been working on my project to submit to Australian Beading Magazine for their June issue, This is frustrating me greatly as I can't seem to get my head around the project that I want to make!! I have so far pulled the necklace apart 3 times and am no closer to getting it finished lol!!! I have made the matching earrings though!!

Need to start on my Etsy Bead Embroidery Guilds new Bead Fest, Filigree!! I got my components but I think I got to many as now I can't figure out which one of them I want to incorporate into my design.

They are all so pretty I can't make up my mind lol!! Think I may need to make more than 1 filigree item!!

Until next time Happy Beading

Jo :)

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Hi All,

I finished my necklace today (yay), and have moved onto a pair of earrings.

The Necklace was rather daunting actually, I always have problems trying to figure out how to attach pendants to bails and then to necklaces and also how to do this and make the pendant sit straight.

I settled on a peyote bail and some simple seed beads and a crystal to hold the pendant to the bail and i'm quite pleased with the outcome!! I think this is one of the only necklaces I've made that sits perfectly straight when on!! :)

The earrings I'm making are with some amethyst cabs that i've had for a while!! I originally was going to include these in the bright lights bag, but when i was deciding everything one of the terrible trio (my girls) took off with them and then i could only find one so i left them out!!!
The second one only just reappeared this week so earrings they will be!!!

This is what I've done so far, I want to make it 2 pieces (like the necklace) and I was going to use some flat back swarovski crystals for the top part but i'm not too sure about the colour.

I like it cause its different but will anyone else??? suggestions accepted lol! This is also the first pair of embroidered earrings I've made so something new!! :)

I was also thinking about doing some embroidery with some swarovski cosmic crystal rings!! Has anyone used these in bead embroidery before?? I've had them for ages and they cost me heaps ($11 each) I hate not using things that are so pretty!!

I opened an ArtFire shop today too, I'm hoping that this will reach a different crowd to the etsy shop but i'm not too sure so i guess i'll just have to wait and see!! I found Artfire really hard to use as well, whats your preference??

I want to start creating a lariat that i am submitting to Australian Beading magazines June issue but i don't have the cabs for it yet (my local bead store is still recovering from christmas) I know the colours I want to use at the moment but they may change when I see the cabs lol!!! think I might just start it and if it doesn't match when the cabs get here i can start again and use what i've already made for something else!! :)

Until next time Happy Beading!! :)


Friday, 13 January 2012

Hi All,

I have never tried this before so forgive me if it sucks lol!!!!

I don't feel as though i have done that much this week due to family problems!! I finished my first tutorial last Sunday which is for my elegant evenings purse. I'm quite proud of myself and actually found it really hard so kudos to all those who do tutorials regularly!!
You can get the tutorial for this in my etsy shop i wouldn't even really call it a tutorial except for the assembling the bag part, its really more me telling you the different stitches that i used to make this and how you can use these stitches to come up with your own design.
I am STILL making the white version of this bag although I haven't done any work to it this week.

I finished off and listed my beach love cuff. I learnt so much whilst making the bag (technique wise) and wanted to see how those techniques would look on a cuff and this is what i came up with.
I am actually really happy with how this turned out. :)

I also did a quick ring with this gorgeous assymetrical diamond cabochon that I bought off Ebay ages ago!!

I have been working on a Titanium Druzy cabochon Necklace with Russian spiral stitch and am really liking how its turning out at the moment. Will post pictures of that when i'm finished.

Anyway hope you all have a good weekend and happy beading till i see you again!!

Jo :)