Monday, 7 May 2012

Hi All,

I seem to have gained quite a few new followers since I joined the lovely beading babes group on FaceBook and would like to thank ALL of you for following me in my beady ramblings.

To find out more about the lovely ladies from Beading Babes (or to find out what we do and how to join) check out The Blog of the LOVELY Karyn who runs the group!! :)

I have finished my piece for this seasons Etsy Bead Embroidery Guilds challenge. The theme was Fairy Tales!! I originally wanted to do Cinderella's Glass Slippers but the bead embroidered version. This didn't end up happening as I didn't think about how much it would cost for a nice pair of white shoes to start with lol!!

Soooo I came to the conclusion that Cinderella COULDN'T have been only wearing a shiny pair of shoes  as then everyone would have spent the whole night staring at her feet, it may have been the way that the prince found her but she was definitely wearing some other type of bling. Therefore, the Cinderella cuff was born.

It took me a few days to make and a LOT of white beads but I think I got it right.

I'm hoping that it will be picked up for a June Wedding.

The 3 large focal's are faceted mirror glass cabochons, and when they catch the sun they set off a rainbow (as my girls pointed out to me EVERY time this happened lol)

It's also got some REALLY light pink freshwater pearl cabochons, over 100 white Swarovski pearls, and over 200 3 and 4mm crystals in it!!

The bling on this one is overwhelming lol!!

I have SO many things coming up in the next few months (The Battle of the Beadsmith being the biggest and MOST daunting) so I thought that today whilst I had a child free day I would throw together a few really simple projects.

I made 2 rings and a hair clip/barrette. My friends on Facebook think I'm either Superwoman or a Vampire but seeing as I have neither died in the sun or been able to fly I think I'll just settle with being super beader lol!!

The first ring was made with a cabochon similar to the ones in the cinderella cuff but in Aquamarine.

The second ring I made with one of My friend Lyn Owen's GORGEOUS cabochons.

Lyn's cabs are AMAZING. To see more of her work OR to buy some of her work, check out her Artfire shop (I think I may have left SOMETHING in there for everyone else)

Now it's time for another giveaway!!!

I made this hair clip today and I wasn't sure it was entirely perfect so I thought that I would do a giveaway with it!!

All you have to do to win this gorgeous clip is share my blog and/or an item from my Etsy store ( on your favourite social website (facebook, twitter, pinterest etc.) come back here with a link to where you shared it, and you're in the draw.

I'll give you all a few days to do this and will pick the winner out of a hat this Friday the 11th of May.

Good luck to you all and until next time HAPPY BEADING!!!

Jo :)

P.S. If you do see something in my shop that you LOVE and are my facebook friend, send me a message on FB and I will do a mates rates discount for you, cause I'd rather see my work being loved by someone than gathering dust in my cupboard!!